Our Service

We offer several services for the public and private sectors inside and outside the Kingdom, including :

  • Recruitment consulting.
  • Consulting and recruitment services for companies and private and public institutions.
  • Issuing a publication specialized in the field of employment.
  • Employing Jordanian and non-Jordanian cadres outside the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in the private and public sectors.
  • Following-up services for obtaining visas and attesting certificates.
  • Submitting dataflow to all countries of the world
  • Submitting and following up the procedures of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties for all specialties.

Company Profile

Al Waseet International Recruitment Company was established in 2019 and launched its new website to facilitate the securing of recruitment work and to bring together both parties; Clients – employers - on the one hand, and qualified candidates looking for work on the other hand, and thus we save valuable time for both parties to search for each other and give advice through our expertise when necessary. We have established a database that meets all the needs of our customers and developed our relations with universities, associations, institutes, and official and private unions in Jordan to form a huge and diverse database that includes qualified candidates holding university degrees in various disciplines, especially medicine - engineering - education - management - informatics – communications, and others.

Chairman's Speech

The competitive ability of any business organization depends on the competent and trained human resource who cannot be imitated or manufactured, among them are the worker, the doctor, the engineer, the teacher, and the merchant, so God has written for the paths of glory that it is only accompanied by the steps of those with good vision and firm determination from the makers of civilization and the builders of its pillars. With the likes of these people, God resurrects the earth and those on it in order for life to settle. This is the administrative reality on which all modern management bodies do not differ. Hence, it was necessary for business organizations to preserve this ability from loss and to know how to attract the qualified and distinguished human element that contributes to achieving their interests in continuity, profit or the provision of services. This fact was our guide at Al Waseet International Recruitment Company by confirming the selection of the good human element to supply the bodies and institutions requesting jobs, as a database was prepared for all scientific, practical, and professional disciplines such as medical, educational, engineering, along with a specific work mechanism was established for the process of selecting and classifying CVs, as well as communicating with candidates to facilitate the selection and recruitment process for the organization requesting jobs. Our company, through our website, modern means, and good and qualified administrative staff, wanted to be distinguished in providing its services in marketing Jordanian talents to work abroad, as it seeks to give its customers all facilities, whether in terms of time or capabilities, to be confident that our motto is how to maintain the customer by providing distinguished service in recruitment and at record speed.

Our Partners

Our Mission

  • Providing the best job cadre for the client in a timely and standard manner, using modern and advanced methods of research and recruitment.
  • Directing experiences and qualifications to the right place.